We want to be just like this Latino Spider-Man dad! (VIDEO)

Houston dad Daniel Garcia shows us parents how it's done! In this adorable video, Garcia dresses up as Spider-Man to get his son, Oliver, to be good with the promise of visiting a trampoline park if he behaved well (apparently inspired by the Adam Sandler's movie Big Daddy!). The video shows the Spider-Papi following through with his promise and taking little Oliver, dressed up as matching Spidey-Son, to the trampoline park. 



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The best part of this video for me is that I can totally see my husband Chris doing the same exact thing in a few years with our son Sebastian. And like the dad in the video, I'm sure Chris would have more fun dressing up as Spidey himself and jumping around the park than the baby!

Check out the video here:

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Image via YouTube

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