60 percent of kids think their father is lame--but my Latino dad proves them wrong!

Having grown up in a typical Salvadorian culture, I can't remember a time when I wasn't surrounded by cousins, aunts, and other relatives. I've always just been very close with my family--including my parents and in particular, my dad!  That's why I was kind of surprised to see this poll, which concluded that 60% of kids between 13 and 21 think their fathers are "lame!"


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The recent online survey, conducted by British company Specsaver found that it's actually dads, not moms, who humiliated their kids most often--which I have to say was so NOT my experience, even during those distant teen years! That's not to say that my mother was embarrassing (in fact, my friends have always loved her because she constantly plies them with food!), but that my dad just wasn't. Though Latino dads are notoriously overprotective, my father and I have always gotten along really well…for the most part.

OK, I admit--he can get a tad irritating at times because as a big jokester, he is constantly teasing and pulling pranks on everyone around him. But that's part of what makes him fun! Plus, since he is the only male in the house, I have always acted as the stand-in boy, going to see action movies with him (we just went to see Spiderman!), bonding over electronics (we're both techies, although he's far worse than I am), and watching soccer games. And we have really similar personalities--our mutual stubbornness is really the only reason why we have ever clashed in the past.

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Having grown up with that kind of relationship, it's hard to figure out why so many kids think their dads are lame. I know everyone goes through a phase when they're all anti-parents but 60%?! That seems excessive. I am about to turn 23, only two years older than the age group featured in the survey, and I can count on one hand the number of times I've felt genuinely embarassed by my dad.

Maybe it's due to my close-knit Latin family or maybe it's just me, but I actually look forward to the times I can just hang out with my dad and think more  kids would feel the same if they started appreciating their parents more--quirks and all!

Are your children ever embarassed by you or their dad? Are you close to your own father? Tell us in the comments below!

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