Little girl on monkey bars and her dad capture the essence of parenting (VIDEO)

Every parent dreads the moment when their children stop needing them as much as they used to. But as evidenced by the young girl in the hilarious video below, kids will always require at least a little of your help.

In this clip, a girl attempts to maneuver the monkey bars at a playground as her dad stands behind her, acting as her spotter. As she swings from bar to bar, the girl goes back and forth from confident to panicked no less than five times in 20 seconds. "I need you," she screams to her dad. "I don't need you. I need you!"


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Haha, well if that doesn't capture the essence of parenting, what does? After all, isn't that what all kids do at some point in their life--swing wildly from clingy to distant and back again? I guess the important thing is that parents always remain nearby, like the father in this video!

Watch the super funny clip here:

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Image via YouTube

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