Bristol Palin demonstrates why you always need to watch what you say in front of your kids (VIDEO)

I hate to admit it, but I have a foul mouth and it's something I've really had to work on, the older my kids get. I only speak to my children in Spanish, but my bad words come out in English, Spanish or Spanglish. But because deep down inside I know none of it is right and I hate telling them not to do something and then turn around and do just that, I've cleaned up my act A LOT. These days, when they're around and I feel a bad word creeping up, I'll make sure to change into gibberish--a nonesense word that means nothing and usually makes them laugh if they're listening.  

So I was mortified when I watched a clip from Bristol Palin's--Sarah Palin's infamous daughter--reality show Life's a Tripp in which her son, Tripp, allegedly calls her aunt a "faggot."


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While I admit to using bad words, it would never ever occur to me to use any kind of racial or homophobic slurs in front of my children--or anybody else, for that matter, because I don't speak like that. I don't find it funny and I don't think it's right for parents to use that kind of language in front of their children.

Sadly, that wasn't the only thing that was infuriating about the video clip. In it, the little boy shows how easily he gets away with being incredibly disrespectful to both his aunt, Willow Palin, and his mother. He says stuff like "I hate you" over and over again, while the two young women pretty much laugh as they threaten to put him in time out if he continues. 

I feel really bad for little Tripp because, at the end of the day, none of this is really his fault. It sucks that his mother is such an irresponsible person who not only allows this kind of behavior, but is obviously setting a horrible example for her son by not only not disciplining him, but by not watching what she says in front of him. Not to mention the emotional damage she's causing him by allowing the cameras to be in their face for their foolish reality show. 

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After watching the clip, I was immediately reminded of why I refuse to waste my time watching garbage like it!

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