What would you do if all of your kids needed heart transplants? (VIDEO)

It's every parent's worst nightmare to have any of their children face a potentially life-threatening condition…but what do you do if all of your kids got sick? One Oregon couple, Stacy and Jason Bingham, is now facing that painful reality since, in a terrible twist of fate, all five of their children have been diagnosed with genetic heart abnormalities.


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After their now 12-year-old daughter Sierra had to undergo a heart transplant six years ago, the Binghams thought they had faced the worst of their medical problems. They got themselves and the rest of their children tested and no signs of any further heart disease were found in the rest of the family members…until a few months ago when another one of their daughters, Lindsay, was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. At the same time, their 3-year-old son, now recovered, suffered from a heart block and had to have a pacemaker put in.

Since then, the parents have learned that all 5 of their children have symptoms that can eventually turn into future cardio issues. Though only Lindsay currently remains in the hospital with her name on the transplant list, the rest of the Bingham kids could also need transplant surgery. If they do, it would be the most heart transplants ever performed on a single family.

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I can't even imagine how difficult and terrifying it must be for two parents to have not one, but all of their kids face health complications--of the heart, no less! It's a terrifying ordeal that no one family should have to go through. Still, one thing's for sure: As parents, the Binghams deserve some serious credit for being able to maintain a strong and brave front for the sake of children--something that I'm sure is not easy considering their situation.

I wish Lindsay a speedy recovery and hope that the rest of the family remains courageous, healthy, and safe in the future.

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Image via Jason and Stacey Clan

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