Father who left his family at Aurora, CO "Dark Knight" screening will have to live with it forever (VIDEO)

When I first heard about Jamie Rohrs--the man who left his fiancee,  Patricia Legarreta and two young children in the theater when all the chaos broke out at the shooting in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater on Thursday night--my initial reaction was shock.

I mean, come one, how could anyone leave the women he loves, along with his 4-year-old daughter and small infant son, behind if their lives were in mortal danger?


But after watching their heartbreaking interview on CNN, I have to admit, no one really knows exactly how they are going to react in such an extreme, life-threatening situation. Sure, we all want to tell ourselves that we would leap to action and embrace only the most heroic of instincts, but really: Who knows?

Here's Rohr's emotional retelling of what happened:

"I'm trying to keep him low. ... And he's crying," Rohrs said. "People are running all over. I'm tripping and falling. I don't know if I laid him down or sat him down. I'm wondering maybe there's more of them. [I'm thinking] 'He's crying and they're going to come get me.' I look up to see if I can run. I'm ducking, dodging, turning left, turning right. ... Every time you hear a gun shot, it's like 'Oh, I'm dead.'"

"It just felt like the worst thing ever because my son's still in there," he told ABC News. "My girlfriend is still in there. I'm out here. Who leaves their child there?"

It sounds like Rohrs is going to be torturing himself about his decisions enough without people jumping in and trying to judge him. He will have to think about how he was able to leave his family behind for a long time and I'm sure he and his soon-to-be-wife will be turning this incident over in their heads for years to come.

Rohr eventually returned to the theater to pick up his wife and kids after Patricia called him.

What do you think? Would you ever be able to forgive your fiance or husband if he left you in a situation like this?

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on Jul 22, 2012 at 1:43 AM
Yea it's hard to say how i'd react in that situation, be we KNOW how this coward reacted. Not only leaving his girlfriend and kids (leaving a baby on the floor because he's afraid it'll draw the shooter's attention to HIM) in his dust as he ran to save his own skin, but actually jumping in their vehicle and driving away? This type of behavior SHOULD be ridiculed, and hopefully it will inspire people in the future to perhaps try and actually HELP the people they supposedly care about.
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on Jul 22, 2012 at 12:33 PM

i would never forgive my fiance for this. the husband is supposed to be the protector of wife and most importantly child. had he at least taken the child i might feel differently but he has shown himself a coward. its true in a situation like this none of us know how we would respond, but i know we all hope and expect of ourselves NOT to be a coward. We all think we have chosen the person who will support us through the toughest of times and this man has shown that he would abandon his family in the event of a life or death situation.

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on Jul 22, 2012 at 1:26 PM
Whent the shit hit the Fan people react difrent!! I will never forget a coward like that!!!
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on Jul 23, 2012 at 7:28 AM
I could never forgive a man that is willing to leave his children behind. Where is the instinct to protect? He had it but for himself. Very sad. What would we say if it were the mother that left her children behind? I bet she would be crucified in the media. There was a young man that lost his life that evening...he instinctively covered his girlfriend when the bullets started flying. She lived, he died...that young man is a hero. He loved someone enough to give up his own life. To the fiancé in this story...think about leaving your kids in that theatre and running....could you ever do it. Now think of their father and ask yourself how could he?
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on Jul 23, 2012 at 7:52 AM
He ran and another man had to protect his family. This guy is a real coward.
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on Jul 23, 2012 at 10:23 AM
NO ONE knows what happened at all. Literally, one moment you are watching a movie in the dark and then, the next moment, someone is shooting 50 rounds/second like a machine gun right in front of you. There is no time to act or know how anyone would act. MY GOD. If this guy or anyone had time to THINK about what was happening, then some of you might have a point. The internet has created a hailstorm of critics. Maybe they seated right in front of the machine gun??? Kinda hard to act any which way. Maybe he would have been shot along with his baby if he slowly exited. None of you know what the hell happened...or the seating arrangement. You just think in the most generic way.."man leaves family." Try to think about the details....50 bullets/minute barreling out of an automatic weapon, which might be in front of you compared to everyone else. Oh, you think you would know how to act??? Yeah, RIGHT.
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on Jul 23, 2012 at 12:06 PM

From watching the video, she didn't look too happy at first. Naturally a mother's instinct is to protect her children so it was good to hear that, although he was worried what to answer her, she had both the children safe with her.

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on Jul 23, 2012 at 2:04 PM
He's a chump. I cannot believe she accepted his proposal; she is as disgusting as he is.
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on Jul 23, 2012 at 2:43 PM
my husband may have left me but would NEVER leave his children! thats sad but of course i am a mother that would take a bullet for her children...like any parent who LOVES their kids would!
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on Aug 1, 2012 at 11:05 AM
Wow. This guy is worse than the shooter. At least the shooter has a set of balls.
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