Mom hacks into school district's computer system to change her kids' grades

Every single mom I know wants to make sure their chidren succeed in school and will do everything within their power to make that happen. But one mom, Catherine Venusto, seems to have taken it to far. You see, the mom of two, and a former school district employee, hacked into the system and changed her children's grades at least two times. She changed one of her daughter's grades from an F to an M, which stands for medical leave. And she changed her son's grade from a 98 percent to a 99 percent. 

How crazy is that? Why would she change from an already stellar 98 to a 99? None of it makes any sense to me. 


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Venusto was charged Wednesday with three counts each of unlawful use of a computer and computer trespassing and was set free on bail. She has admitted to changing the grades, but said that while she knows that what she did is unethical, she doesn't think it's illegal. Really? So hacking a government's computer system is legal? Since when?

And what about the example she's setting for her children? I mean, how would you feel if it was your mom the one who got charged in this case? I'm sure she probably thought she wasn't going to get caught--after all, the first grade she changed, was back in 2010. But can you imagine the embarrasment those kids must be feeling?

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I would die if my mom was arrested for something like this and while I'm sure Venusto thought she was just doing her kids a favor, she's obviously done much more harm than good. Parents need to understand that one thing is to be involved in your child's schooling (and life in general) and another one to break the law like Venusto did.

What do you think about this case? Why would this mom do this? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below.

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