Toddler hilariously freaks out over temporary tattoo! (VIDEO)

I always thought that all young kids liked playing with temporary tattoos. I know I always enjoyed them as a child…I mean, put it on your skin, swipe on a little water and--presto!--you have a butterfly on your arm. It was like witnessing magic! But as can be seen in the absolutely hilarious video below, 16-month-old Marshall just doesn't feel the same way.


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When he sees the temporary horse tattoo on his leg, the adorable toddler freaks out and starts rubbing frantically at the mark to try to remove it. When it doesn't budge, Marshall starts sobbing in anguish and despair, even as his mom tries to reassure him that the tattoo won't hurt him.

My favorite part of the video though is the way Marshall shrugs his shoulders and sighs in confusion when his mom asks if he wants it to be taken off. Sigh...I know, buddy, getting a tattoo can be a conflicting decision. 

Watch the super funny video here:

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Image via YouTube

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