Would you install an app on your kid's phone to spy on him?

A Spanish company has just launched an application for mobile phones that basically allows parents to spy on their children. The idea behind Teenscrio is to give parents control of their children's whereabouts at all times. Although geolocation systems already exist, Teenscrio is different because it allows you establish specific limits as to where and when your children are allowed to be. Besides being able to verify where your children are at all times, the system also notifies you when he is not where he should be.

Although I can see how this application will bring a lot of peace to a lot of parents, is it right for parents to 'spy' on their children?


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The general director of Teenscrio, Charo Álvarez, claims the app shouldn't create any problems between parents and children in terms of trust and privacy, as she said in a press release:

In cases where it becomes the ideal tool to spy, to keep track of your child, the child does not have to know that has the application has been installed on his cell phone.

But the fact that the app is invisible is exactly what creats a problem. Think about it, even if your child doesn't know it's installed, if you realize he's not where he's supposed to be or lies about where he's been through the app, you'll need to confront him. I mean, at some point your kid will learn you've been spying on him. And how will he react?

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This is not to say that I wouldn't use the application, but I think it depends on the age of the child. While spying is spying no matter the age, I think it's very different to spy on a 10-year-old child than on a 17-year-old teenager, right?

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