Suri Cruise will be learning Spanish in her new NYC school!

Possibly the only good thing to come out of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce is the fact that Suri Cruise is now getting to attend one of the top schools in the country, the Convent of the Sacred Heart on the Upper East Side of New York City.

One reason that I personally am excited for the 6-year-old girl is that she'll get to learn Spanish from the first time she steps foot in her kindergarten class. I mean, honestly, what else could a girl in today's Spanish-heavy U.S. culture want?


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I think that's DEFINITELY going to be a big asset for her. Although neither of her parents are Latino, it's an undeniable fact that our population is only growing and Suri Cruise learning Spanish at such an early age is surely going to benefit her in whatever her future career will be.

Granted, the girl's school has plenty of other perks (she'll also be learning French and eventually will have the option to take on Latin, Arabic, Greek or Mandarin) and costs a pretty penny (tuition is almost $40,000—as much as my college years!), but there is one kind of sad thing: no more mini fashionista!

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Although I learned how to speak Spanish through my parents, I definitely wish that I had the chance to learn how to properly write it early on in school. Even as it stands now, I can decently read it—but I'm definitely not confident enough to write in Spanish and that makes me a bit sad. Hopefully Suri won't follow in my footsteps, though, and will become an excellent little Spanish language tycoon.

Are you glad that Suri Cruise will be learning Spanish? What do you think the little girl can do with it? Share with us in the comments below!

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