Why camping is a great idea if you have kids

Colorado is well known for its skiing, but for those of us who have the fortune to live here, it's also famous for its camping. If you've never been here, all you have to do is picture it: lots of evergreens, lakes, hiking trails and the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. Although it can get real hot during the day (you'll be okay if you find some shade), nights are usually cool and star-studded.

My husband and I used to be big time campers back when we lived in Miami, camping a minimum of four times a year in the Florida Keys, which meant we'd set up camp right next to the Atlantic Ocean. While we moved to Colorado about six years ago, we only started camping this year because I didn't think my youngest son was ready to rough if just yet.


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Even though we've only been camping twice this summer, both experiences have been amazing and memorable. If you've never gone camping and you have kids, here are some reasons why you should seriously consider it:

Nature: Nothing gets children closer to nature than sleeping in a tent out in the wilderness. My kids love the outdoors, so this is not really an issue in our home, but if you feel like your children don't get to spend enough time outside, camping is the perfect solution.

Starry night: Although still very little, both my children love the anything to do with the stars and the planets. Camping gives them an opportunity to look at a sky that's nothing like the one at home since you're normally so far from city lights and civilization in general. Plus, nothing is more fun than seeing a shooting star and making a wish!

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No television: We don't have cable, which means my children barely watch TV. Nor do I allow them to spend hours playing video games or in front of the computer, so spending time away from all the electronics is not a problem, but if you can't seem to get your children away from them, take them camping!

Freedom: Camping allows children to experience a sense of freedom like no other. Allow your kids to explore the area around your campsite and relax the rules in terms of times to eat and go to sleep. Camping is the perfect opportunity to temporarily let go of strict rules and forget some responsibilities. 

Have you gone camping with your kids? What do your kids think about it? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below.

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