Why don't people get that boobs are for feeding?

I was planning a trip to Pirates Cove, our neighborhood's water park, in a couple of weeks for my daughter's birthday, but after finding out what they did to nursing mom Charlotte Dirkes, I'm rethinking that idea. Dirkes, 30, was at the park Sunday when she decided to breastfeed her 10-month-old baby Cillian at the kiddie pool so she could watch her other children. At some point, she was approached by a customer relation's representative who told her people were complaining and that she needed to stop breastfeeding in public.

Can you imagine? I would've sent him to hell! Colorado law states that it is legal for moms to breastfeed in any public or private location, so the employee was obviously out of line. 


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Check this out, the customer service rep told Dirkes that the people were complaining about her breastfeeding in public because "their children were seeing more than they needed to see." What about the girls and women that walk around with teeny bikinis that leave nothing to the imagination? Why don't they get told to cover up?

The city of Englewood, which owns Pirates Cove, issued an apology to Dirks with the deputy city manager, Mike Flaherty, emailed her personally saying:

We recognize that your situation was not handled property [sic] and it has provided us with a valuable training lesson for our staff.

Even so, as soon as local moms Morgan Matthews and Samantha Walker heard about the story they created a Facebook page so they could band together for a nurse in at the water park today in protest. I applaud them, Dirkes (who couldn't attend because she lives three hours away) and all the other moms who took part in this protest.

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I think we need more moms like them fighting for women's right to breastfeed their child in peace and to teach others that there's absolutely nothing wrong, sexual or disgusting about it. 

What do you think people don't get that there's nothing wrong with breastfeeding? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below. 

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