J.R Martinez reveals the biggest surprise of fatherhood--and it's not what you think! (VIDEO)

Every parent can attest to the way priorities shift after having kids—and new dad J.R. Martinez is no exception! The former Dancing with the Stars champ is adjusting to fatherhood quickly, as evidenced by his recent appearance on the Bethenny show. The 29-year-old was VERY open about discussing all of the changes he's noticed in his mentality since the birth of his daughter, Lauryn Annabelle--particularly when it comes to his girlfriend Diana Gonzalez-Jones and her body.

When asked what has been most surprising about becoming a parent, the hilarious Martinez says he has noticed one big difference--and it's probably not what you think!


One major change he's recognized since becoming a dad is his changed reaction to seeing Gonzalez-Jones' chest! "Now that Belle's here, one of the ways that I tell people my world has changed [is] it's like, 'Pull out the boob! She's hungry!" he said. "It's not even about me. It's about her… It's straight up milk now."

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Haha, well that definitely wasn't what I was expecting him to say, but I think every dad can probably relate to that! And actually, hilariously true statements like this are exactly why I've always loved Martinez. He is so just darn likeable and I admire the way he is always really open about his life… even personal things, like adjusting to fatherhood. He's already talked about wanting to samba dance with his daughter and now this!

I think it's awesome that he voiced out loud what so many people have experienced. After all, what couple doesn't struggle to keep up their sexual interest after having kids? It's refreshing to see a celebrity be so honest!

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Plus, if anything, the whole interview makes it clear that Martinez has really taken to fatherhood-- and that he has already become a sweet and amazing dad! Belle is definitely one lucky girl.

Watch part of the interview here:

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