What kind of mother abandons her disabled teenage daughter at a bar?

Parenting is the hardest job in the world, but would the pressure of being a mom ever lead you to leave your kids? According to police, Illinois mom Eva Cameron abandoned her 19-year-old mentally disabled daughter at a bar in Tennessee because "she couldn't handle it anymore." And now, she doesn't want to take her back!


Apparently, Cameron let her daughter Lynn stop at the Big Orange Bar in Tennessee to use the bathroom…and then she just drove away, leaving the teenager behind! Lynn, who has cerebral palsy, is severely disabled and can only speak about 30 to 40 words, was found unharmed but with no identification on her. She was unable to tell the police her name, address, or phone number. It wasn't until officers received an anonymous tip that they discovered Cameron was the mother.

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How HORRIBLE is that?! Have you ever heard of a more cruel-hearted, selfish person than this lady? And that's not even the worst part--when the police finally found Cameron on Tuesday, she signed a statement saying that she no longer wanted to care for her daughter and that she wanted Lynn to become a ward of the state. Reportedly, she has another disabled child and was struggling to take care of both.

I am so heartbroken and disgusted by this story that it's hard to wrap my head around it. I mean, how can this woman even call herself a mother? She abandoned her mentally ill child with no ID or money in a BAR of all places! I'm sure raising two disabled children must be incredibly challenging, but that doesn't make the situation any more excusable or justified.

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The whole thing just makes me feel sick, ESPECIALLY because police said that Cameron won't be charged with a crime since her daughter is above the age of 18 and not assigned to a legal guardian! Can you believe that? She's not even getting punished for her terrible actions!

Fortunately, authorities say Lynn is doing very well and will be housed in a place for adults and children with disabilities—where, quite honestly, she is probably better off! At least she no longer has to be around her so-called parent, who clearly is undeserving of having ANY children.

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Image via Campbell County Sheriff's Office

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