Dads who started fight during their kids' Little League game should be ashamed! (VIDEO)

A Little League game in Columbus, Georgia went terribly wrong on Friday when two people got cited for disorderly conduct after they started a brawl on the field. But it wasn't the kids or any of the kid's older siblings who started the trouble—it was the dads!


Moments after a championship game for 12-year-old players ended, a fight between two fathers erupted.  As surrounding adults (mostly other dads) tried to break it up, the altercation only got more heated, creating a big mob that caused several parents to get pushed to the ground.

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The police were called to the scene and they identified the two involved parties (who have not been named), although no one was arrested.  "Because of the nature of this and it was around kids, we didn't want to take anyone to jail, but we felt like we needed to do something," Columbus Police Lt. Mark D. Starling told a local news site.

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This is so ridiculous that I don't even want to believe that it actually happened! What kind of parent gets into a fistfight, not only in front of their young kids, but during one of their big sports events?  I mean, if you're going to act like an irresponsible juvenile, at least have the courtesy not do it in front of your children! What a terrible example to set! Both parties should be ashamed of themselves. I just hope that besides dealing with their legal citations, they also apologize to the children and parents whose time was ruined by their immature antics.

Watch the video of the fight here:

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