6-year-old girl writes hilariously angry letter to company over power outage (PHOTOS)

The insane heat wave and random thunderstorms have made this summer a tough one weather-wise—especially for those faced power outages in their homes.  A blazing sun and no access to AC or TV? It's enough drive to anyone crazy, especially a little kid!  In fact, one 6-year-old girl from West Virginia was so frustrated that she wrote the hilariously angry letter below to the local power company about her concerns.


Lucky for us, her dad, Paul Higginbotham, tweeted a picture of the scrawled note to Appalachian Power this past Friday after a full week without power. "My daughter thought it was amusing at first because we've been staying at grandma's house, but after a week of not being able to return home I guess she'd had enough," he told Huffington Post. "I don't know what made her decide to write a letter to the power company. We'd never discussed anything such as that."

The company never responded to his tweet, but the family did get their power restored on Saturday afternoon. And the young child was SO happy that she wrote a follow-up, thank you letter, seen below! AWW, how adorable is that? Kid's letters are almost always good for a laugh, but I especially love this little girl's spunk! Something tells me her parents won't ever have to worry about her ever getting pushed around!  

Check out the super cuter letter the little girl wrote:

 And the thank you note:


Images via sandcastlematt/flickr, Paul Higginbotham/twitter

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