Star Wars family? Dad and toddler duel with toy lightsabers (VIDEO)

How soon do parents start pushing their own interests onto their kids? This Star Wars loving dad started early, even going so far as to present his one-year-old baby daughter with an M&M candy dispenser shaped like a lightsaber! In the video, Bradley Lewis and his toddler mock duel with lightsaber toys…and though the baby does look hysterical and super cute holding what is basically a big glow stick, my first thought was: isn't she a little young to be playing with those things?


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The video captures the little girl's adorable look of astonishment as her parents press the button on the candy machine to make it light up.  Then, as her dad pulls out his own lightsaber (yeah, no comment...) he starts play fighting with his daughter, making her giggle like crazy. The whole thing (especially her hysterical laughter) is really cute…except for the fact that I kept wincing while watching because I was scared that the baby was going to get accidentally hit in the face or poked in the eye!

Maybe I'm paranoid and overprotective, but it seems kind of dangerous to be allowing your one-year-old to play fight with fake weapons. I guess her dad just couldn't wait any longer to pass on his love for the famous franchise. If I was him, though, I'd be very careful-- if she brings it along to a playground and starts whacking other kids with it, he's going to have a lot of explaining to do!

Still, one thing is for sure…she is, by far, the cutest (and probably youngest) Star Wars fan in the world.

Watch Lewis and his baby Jedi here:

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