90's toy Furby is back and I hope he'll be bilingual!

Well, here's some news I never thought I'd say: Furby's back!

Do you remember Furby? He was the toy behind a 1998 phenomenon that had millions of kids talking with their toys and even more parents being driven crazy because the furry little critter wouldn't ever stop talking. I missed out on the toy way back when but, I have to say, I'm really excited for the fuzzy thing to be back mainly because I am REALLY hoping that he'll be bilingual this time around. 


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Although he's been gone for 14 years now, I still remember Furby fondly since a few of my friends had the toy. Now that Hasbro has decided to revive the toy this fall, including new technology, a bigger price tag ($60) and an app connection, kids everywhere will be able to rediscover the toy and have TONS of fun.

The only thing I'm wishing though (besides a Furby toy of my own), is that this time the toy will come equipped with both English AND Spanish language capabilities. I mean, wouldn't a bilingual Furby be absolutely amazing? I know that's certainly what it would take for this toy to understand what's going on in MY household, that's for sure!

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Well, now that the fuzzy critter is back, I'm kind of excited. It's a toy that I missed out on in my childhood but I think kids today can definitely have some extra fun with Furby. Will parents still want to buy the toy that just won't stop talking? Well, perhaps if he's talking in both of our languages, we definitely will.

Will you buy a bilingual Furby for your kids? Share with us in the comments below!

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