Gloria Estefan says the best part of being an abuelita is the payback!

Having the Queen of Latin pop for your grandmother would be pretty amazing, wouldn't it? Gloria Estefan officially became a first-time abuelita to grandson Sasha Argento Estefan-Coppola on June 21st but now she's opening up about what being a, ahem, sexy and talented grandma is all about!

As the gorgeous cover star of this month's Latina magazine, Gloria talked to them exclusively about becoming an abuela, how legendary producer hubby Emilio Estefan feels about the new family addition and what lessons she's passing on to her son Nayib.


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My favorite moment of Gloria's interview, though, comes when she talks about the best part of being a new abuela. I think I can hear my own mom's voice telling me that I won't really know how difficult it is to take care of a child (and see them grow up) until I have kids of my own and, well, it seems that Gloria feels the same! She tells Latina:

Payback is hell! (Laughs) The entire experience has been wonderful. Nayib is a great kid, but I always told him, 'you will never know what life is all about until you have a baby.' He's a great dad, but it's challenging and I warned him about it. They have their sleepless nights, so it's tough sometimes, but he's handling it great. He's a great dad and she's a great mom.

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I think she makes a very good point and I'm glad she's got a sense of humor about it. She obviously is already completely in love with and devoted to her new grandson. Despite her joking around, I have no doubt that the baby is going to grow up deeply loved. I mean, who wouldn't want Gloria Estefan as their abuelita?! I know I do.

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