Could spanking increase your child's risk of mental illness?

There's no denying that physical and emotional abuse in childhood has detrimental effects on its victims later on. I think most people don't need a study to prove that to them. All you have to do is turn the news on every night to see that some of the worst offenders out there are most probably victims of some type of abuse during their childhood years.

But what about children that are spanked as a form of discipline? Well, a new study is now suggesting that they too have an increased risk of mental disorders when they become adults. These include anything from mood and anxiety disorders to substance and alcohol abuse, according to researchers. 


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The study was published in the journal Pediatrics and it's one of the first to link non-abusive physical punishment with various different types of mental problems. Physical punishment was linked to approximately 2 to 7 percent of mental disorders in the study. But what exaclty is considered non-abusive physical punishment? According to the study's researchers it can be any of the following: spanking, slapping, hitting, grabbing, and pushing/shoving.

I guess my kids are in big trouble then because they've already received a few spankings. Most people are horrified when they find out I don't think there's anything wrong with spanking my kids on occasion and when it absolutely merits it, but I've seen the results, so I'm a believer. Now let me be clear that all I'm talking about is una nalgada and nothing more than that. 

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I too was spanked growing up and I don't think I have any mental disorders--although some might disagree... What I do have is manners and utmost respect for others and I would've never ever dared talk to my mom the way some other children (who were not spanked as a form of discipline) did. 

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