Summer recently started and many parents may have already planned vacations with their children. But a lot of times, the journey to your destination, can be a torture, this because your little ones often don't have the patience needed to stay seated in the car for several hours. For those parents who don't know how to keep your children entertained during a car trip, I left you here with five ideas so you don't have to struggle so much with your children:


1. Bring a portable video player: I mention this option as the first alternative because it always really surprised me to see that many children forgot about the world around them if you play them a movie. And if they are very little, for sure they will be entertained with some episodes of the TV series 'Dora la Exploradora'. (Believe me, I've seen several moms in action with this DVD at hand and it seems that it makes magic). I recommend bringing several so that the films can last the duration of the whole trip.

2. Organize a karaoke session inside the car: when I was a child I used to get very hyper because I get dizzy a lot inside the car, until my mom found a solution: we began to sing! Since then, each time we traveled we had a selection of our favorite songs and for me the hours went out flying. You can do the same with your children. Create a list of your favorite songs for all to sing along the way. Beside that your traveling time time will pass like flying, it is a nice way to create a connection with your kids.

3. Initiate a session of games and challenges along the way: encourage your child to that keep a record of the most interesting things that have seen on the road (may be an old house, a field with a lot of flowers, a path full of stones) then ask them to create a story with things they liked the most and reward them at the end with some candy.

4. Coloring books: If you don't want your children to get bored during the journey, coloring books are a good choice. If you get along well with technology, you can download apps on mobile devices for them to do some drawing. They are also very fun and you will not risk children get their clothes dirty with crayons or colored pencils.

5. Allow your children to be co-pilots: If you have an older child, you can ask him/her to serve as your co-pilot. Give him/her a simple map indicating the places your car has to go through and ask him/her to guide you when he/she see the signs. In this way, you not only keep your kid entertained, but also you will show your children that you trust them.

I hope that these tips will help you keep your children happy during the road trip. After all, the journey is also an important part of the vacation planing, so the best thing is to start the trip with the right foot and with a lot of motivation to reach your final destination. Happy vacation days!

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