Adults surprise students with flash mob! (VIDEO)

What's one way for a principal to get the attention of the students in their school? Well, you could make an announcement over the loud speaker…or you could do what the principal at PS 10 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, did and start a flash mob in the middle of the school's playground!


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As seen in this super cute video, parents and teachers at the school decided to surprise the kids with a flash mob, which took place on the basketball courts outside. One mom told the Park Slope Stoop, "We've been rehearsing for months and it was well worth it!" It certainly was, at least if you go by the look on the student's faces, which are simultaneously shocked and thrilled.  

Plus, it shows that even the higher-ups can have fun! The two ladies in the middle of the video who have red boas are actually the school's principal and assistant principal!

Watch the whole thing take place here:

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Image via vimeo

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