Watch kids give adorable & hilarious dating advice! (VIDEO)

Adults tend to get a little neurotic over love and dating. "What is she thinking? When will he call me back?" and on and on and on until you pretty much just want to throw your hands up and call it quits. Lucky for us, kids don't have those same anxieties—which makes them the perfect people to go to for dating advice!

In this hilarious video called "Kidstructive Criticism," actress and writer Corey Podell asks kids for their opinions on various dilemmas, like whether she should join an online dating site and how to get out of the "friend zone." And the children's honest answers make for some hysterical and adorable results!


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"Where would you take a girl on a date?" Podell asks a super cute little blonde boy. "To the dinosaur museum," he responds. When she asks another boy about what he looks for in a girl, he candidly says, "the prettiness." Haha! Wow!

And the guys weren't the only ones to put in their two cents. When Podell asked a little girl what she looks for in a boy, she said "love." Sigh. Who knew the differences between men and women started that young?!

Check out the rest of the kid's HILARIOUS answers here:

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