California teen gets arm stuck in vending machine while trying to steal a soda! (VIDEO)

Well, this is SUPER embarrassing! A 17-year-old California boy got his arm stuck in a vending machine on Saturday after attempting to reach inside the receiving slot and steal a soda. It took an hour and several officials from the local fire and police stations, as well as paramedic personnel to get him out!


A pedestrian saw the teen's  predicament around 5 am and called for help. Rescue workers reportedly first tried to find a key to open the machine, but were eventually forced to cover the boy with a blanket and cut the machine open with "extrication tools" including a power saw. Though officials tried to save as much property as possible, they were mainly concerned about the state of the boy's hand on the inside of the machine.

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Now, the teen may face charges of petty theft. "He was very embarrassed," Captain Ernesto Diaz of the National City Fire Department told the Daily News of the teen. "I assume his parents are going to get the bill."

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I should hope so! Actually, I would hope that his parents make their son work and have HIM pay off the bill or at least pay them back with time. Seriously, if that was my kid, I would be absolutely mortified and there's no way I would let ever let him get away with something like that! One thing's for sure--I bet that teen learned his lesson and will never again try to steal... if only for fear of ever having to be re-rescued!

What would you do if one of your kids got themselves in that situation? Tell us in the comments below!

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Image via ABC News

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