Woman who had sex with her son deserves more than 5 years in prison

The California mom who had sex with her estranged teenage son, Mistie Atkinson, has officially been sentenced to prison. Atkinson will serve four years and eight months in jail after pleading no contest to incest, oral copulation, lewd contact with a minor, and distribution of lewd material to a minor. The one charge she won't cop to? Incest!


32-year-old Atkinson engaged in sexual behavior with her 16-year-old son when they were reunited after being apart for 15 years. Still, in a letter to court, Atkinson says she doesn't consider her actions as incest, but a product of "genetic attraction." And though such a phenomenon does exist, it is extremely rare and there is little research about it. 

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I've always been completely appalled and disgusted by this story, but I am even more so now that it's clear she doesn't think she really did anything wrong! I mean, genetic attraction? That's her justification for having sex with her son? And even if by some VERY long shot, that was the case, it wouldn't excuse her from the fact that he is still a minor!

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Though he is also somewhat at fault, I can't help but feel bad for that boy. How will he ever lead a normal life after this? She, on the other hand, is an adult and obviously a very sick woman. I'm glad that she's being punished for her actions. Maybe she'll actually realize the severity of what she did  after spending a few years in prison thinking about it!

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Image via Mistie Atkinson/facebook

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