This made me flip out of my seat: My pediatrician was sharing stories with me and he said that parents in New York CIty don't really ask for advice on good parenting. Instead they ask: "Doctor, how do I raise a genius?" 

I have to admit, I really, really want to meet one of these genius children. I also want to meet their parents.

We hear about how American kids don't score too well in math, reading, and science when compared to other nations. This can't be right!

Those numbers don't make sense because I know that there are mothers who ARE raising geniuses in this country.

Somehow I am bothered by this race to raise a genius. The questioning and identification of a genius begins right after the kid is born. It's unfair that a new mom gets bombarded with questions about the child's sleeping habits as a way to see if the infant is on the track to become a genius.

Eventually, the line of questioning becomes, "Are you teaching him sign language? Is he walking? Is he talking? Is he already potty-trained? Is he reading before Kindergarten? Is he adding and subtracting?..."


And then you come across a mom who simultaneously gloats and bombards you with even more questions. Some mothers have even commented: "Oh my kids are so far ahead that they get terribly bored with the 1st grade curriculum."

My question is, what drives people to proselytize about their kids to strangers? 

Number one: I don't care if your kid is a genius. In fact, I don't care if my kid is a genius.

Number two: Just love your kids no matter what their I.Q. is.

My husband and I take a low-key approach: If our kids turn into adults with only one visible tattoo, zero weird piercings, no drug consumption, no child born out of wedlock, and be successful in a career they love, we will be very proud parents.

Joking aside, I have no genius kid pressure at all, I have no genius kids either, but what I do have is two kids that are happy, loving, good humans, talented and creative, and whom are deeply adored by their parents.

That's all it matters to me.

What is your opinion on the genius kids obsession? Do you believe there is something we can do as mothers to raise geniuses? If so, please share!

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Sofia was born in Mexico and moved to New York in 1997. She has a 6-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy who are usually the main characters in her blog Slap cada día. After  a long career in advertising, last year she decided to leave the corporate world to chase her own entrepreneurial dreams and work on her writing.


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Sadly, many people's provincial attitudes keep children as mediocre when the same children could, with different non-provincial parent, excel. As a single father I make sure my children do better in all subjects. That's not to "brag" about their achievements (no one knows how they do in school, except their teachers). I do move them forward because knowledge is power. The more you know, the better you will be. As a footnote, 'proselytism' refers more to religion conversion that anything you may have thought. There's no need to make other feel diminished using language. Consider speaking plainly?! Or not: more power to you either way.
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