Did 11-year-old Willow Smith really pierce her tongue?!

Up until now I have admired Willow Smith's unique fashion sense and confidence. The 11-year-old star is known for being proud of her hair and her song "Whip my Hair" is popular among the tweens in my life.

I've approved of and admired her (even when she dyed her hair yellow) until now--because over the weekend, Willow Smith posted a picture on Instagram showing off what looks like a pierced tongue. She's ELEVEN YEARS OLD!!!


Whether or not it's a real tongue ring doesn't really make a difference. I'm afraid young girls will still be begging parents to allow them to pierce their tongues now that Willow has made it stylish and cool, even if it is fake.

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I hope parents on the receiving end of the requests for body piercings ignore all the whining. Besides the fact that no 11-year-old child should EVER have a tongue ring, there are real health concerns, too.

Dentists say risks can include:

1. Chemical trauma in the front of the teeth

2. Tongue infections

3. Allergic reactions in the mouth

4. Teeth breakage

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Earrings are one thing, but the tongue ring is a whole 'nother story. Sure, Willow's a pop star and has her own identity, but I draw the line at body piercings and tattoos. So should Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

Do you think Willow Smith is too young for a tongue ring? Would you let your son or daughter get a tongue ring?

Image via Willow Smith/Instagram

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