Bicultural Baby Buys: Sponge Learners Interactive Bilingual Board Book

Is your child more of a visual learner? In this week's Bicultural Baby Buy column, we found the perfect interactive picture board book to help your kids learn the basic words in important topics in both English and Spanish.


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The beautiful Sponger Learners Body-Cuerpo Interactive book features around 25 words about the body, clothing, and hygiene, such as cuerpo (body), cabeza (head), abrigo (coat), jabón (soap) and more. Each page presents three simple images that slide from left to right in order for kids to see the corresponding word in both languages, making it easy for them to memorize and learn. The book also includes the phonetics guide for each word in either language.

Besides the help with vocabulary, the board book is also practical. It's made of thick, durable pages that make it last longer and less likely to be torn or worn down by little fingers. Perfect for you to pass on between your kids so that they can all play and learn new words!

Would you buy this toy for your child? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via Sponge Learners

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