For every person who criticizes and hates on breastfeeding moms, there's a million that make a point to support the practice …like singer Pink! Though known for her rocker lifestyle, the star has completely embraced mommyhood after having daughter, Willow Sage. In fact, she's so proud of her new parenting role that today, she tweeted out a beautiful Instagram picture of her breastfeeding her baby.


Upon first seeing the picture, I was a little surprised only because I'm not used to seeing such a soft side from the notoriously tough singer…but I have to say, after really looking at it, I found it to be absolutely stunning. The snapshot captures a sweet and tender moment between her and her daughter without being revealing or graphic--which is what many were calling the now-famous photo of the breastfeeding military moms.

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But what I love even more than the actual picture itself is the message behind it. I find it amazing and inspiring that Pink is so open about her choice to breastfeed. Her honesty only helps show other breastfeeding moms that they don't have to feel ashamed or like they need to hide their own nurturing decision.

And with the debate over breastfeeding getting a little extreme lately, it's nice to see a woman—and celebrity nonetheless—candidly show such pride like Pink did with this photo. After all, at the end of the day, breastfeeding is a personal choice that every mother should be able to make on their own without interference, pressure, or commentary from the rest of the world.

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But Pink isn't the only celebrity to let the world know she is breastfeeding. Below 5, Latina stars that also made their decision known:  

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Image via Pink/twitter

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