Sorry, Michael Kors. My 6-year-old would never wear your 3-inch wedges

My almost 6-year-old daughter Vanessa adores wearing my shoes. She'll go into my closet and will try on anything that looks sparkly and has any sort of heel and she'll then walk around showing everybody how pretty she looks. Obviously, I've absolutely no problem with that because I remember doing the same with my own mother's shoes. 

What I do have a problem with is actual heels for little girls like the Keely 3-inch wedges from Michael Kors Kids. Why would any mom think it'd be a good idea to get these for their little girls?


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While cute, they're definitely NOT for my 6-year-old. I not only take issue with the heel, I also think the rhinestone studs and zipper are a bit too much. Luckily, my daughter won't ever even know they exist--unless she sees someone wearing them at school. And even then, I don't really think she'd ask for them.

Although super girly, Vanessa actually prefers wearing sneakers over sandals to school so she can run around like a maniac in the playground without hurting her toes or getting the pesky wood chips in her shoes. So the idea of her wearing 3-inch wedges to school simply doesn't jive. Plus, I honestly don't think she'd even be able to walk in them without hurting her ankles.

This is not the first time I see shoes with heels for little girls. When the weather started changing and I went to Target looking for sandals for my daughter, I was surprised to see at least two or three wedges that were undeniably cute, but so not appropriate for little girls. 

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I'm not sure what the deal is with wanting our children to grow up faster than they already do. Why is it so hard to understand that there's a place and a time for everything? As it is, childhood is so fleeting. Can't we just let our little girls be little girls?

Would you let your little daughter wear high heels? Tell us what you think by leaving us a comment.

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