Seriously? Stupid California parents arrested for planting drugs on a school volunteer! (VIDEO)

If you felt like your child was being treated unfairly at school, what would you do? Most likely, you--like the majority of other sane people--would arrange an appointment to talk to the principal or teacher. But one California couple, Kent and Jill Easter, decided to go a more extreme route. The parents were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly planting drugs in the car of a volunteer at their child's school who they thought wasn't supervising their son properly.


Wow, talk about excessive! Reportedly, Kent drove to the home of the school volunteer, whom authorities are labeling "Jane Doe" early on a February morning last year, and placed a bag of marijuana, Percocet and Vicodin on the driver's seat of her unlocked car. Later that afternoon, he placed a call to the local police department and under a false name and phone number, told the dispatcher that he saw the volunteer driving erratically and that she had parked at the elementary school. He also told officials he'd seen the woman hide a bag of drugs and gave them her full name and license plate number.

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Police detained the volunteer, but knew the story didn't add up when they realized that she was in the classroom at the time they received the tip. After tracing the call to a nearby hotel, they saw Kent had been recorded making the call by the surveillance system. He and his wife had also been in constant contact throughout the whole plot.

Now, the couple faces felony charges and a maximum sentence of three years in state prison for conspiring to falsely report a crime and procure a false arrest, and for the volunteer's false imprisonment. They posted $20,000 bail and are scheduled to be arraigned on July 17.

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Is this the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard or what? I can't believe these parents went to such absolutely crazy lengths! If they thought the volunteer wasn't properly supervising their child, they should've put their time and energy into speaking to her or the teacher personally, not planning some insane conspiracy against her. Seriously, what is with all these parents using these weird and over-the-top punishments lately?

Plus considering this is supposedly all over the safety of their kid, they're not exactly coming off as great role models. If anything their actions make me even more concerned for the child! 

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Images via Orange County Sheriff's Department

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