Dad publicly spanks adult boyfriend of his teen daughter! (VIDEO)

When you were younger, did your dad ever punish you for disapproving of one of your boyfriends? Well I can guarantee that if he did, his punishment was nowhere near as disturbing, awkward and strange as the one this dad inflicted on his younger daughter AND her beau. In the video below, an angry dad chastises his underage daughter's adult boyfriend by giving him a full-on spanking. WTF?!


Apparently, the video was posted on YouTube by the girl's brother. On the page, he wrote "that's what you get for "puttin it" to an underage girl," and in the comments, he also explained "the person being spanked is about 27 and my little sister was 16. The person giving the spanking is my step-dad."

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Though the rest of the story isn't entirely clear, it looks as if the dad was upset over the couple's relationship because of their dramatic age difference and sought to punish both of them for engaging in what seems like consensual sex.  In the video, he even gives his daughter's boyfriend a choice between a "severe ass kicking" or a "brutal spanking."

Wait, WHAT?! I am so shocked by this, I don't even know where to start. I can understand the father wanting to protect his child, but what on Earth would make him think he has the right to spank a GROWN man? Better yet: Why would a 27-year-old let himself get hit like that? 

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And that's not the only disturbing part of the super strange ordeal. In the video, the dad declares, "This is the same thing that Chelsea got," before pulling down the boyfriend's pants and spanking him in the front yard--meaning he did the same thing to his 16-year-old daughter!

"Consider yourself lucky," the dad adds. "You could have had rape charges plus an ass kicking." OK, he's completely right in that sense, but there are, oh I don't know, a MILLION better ways to handle the situation! I mean, I can excuse spanking a toddler if they're being bad but a teenager and an adult?! That seems wrong on so many levels.

Watch the whole thing go down:

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Image via YouTube

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