Mom injected 14-year-old daughter with heroin nearly 200 times!

It's obvious that Brandi Baumgardner is a sick mom. Otherwise, what she's accused of doing to her daughter has absolutely no explanation. You see, the mom has been charged with endangering the welfare of children and corruption of a minor for allegedly injecting her 14-year-old daughter with heroin nearly 200 times! And that's not all, according to what the teen girl told Pennsylvania state police, Baumgardner introduced her to drugs at the age of 12 starting with marijuana and moving on to crack and heroin.

All this abuse was revealed while the teenager was in a drug treatment program and what caught my attention the most was that the director told the Daily Item that incidents of parents using drugs with their children are "much more common than you would think feasible." Really? 


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I guess I've been living under a rock because I can't even begin to fathom what can possibly be going through a parents head to think it's a good idea to do drugs with their child. I mean, I understand these people are sick, they're addicted to drugs and this is a very powerful thing, but how is it that not every parent with an addiction introduces their children to drugs?

And, another thing, how did noone realize what was going on with Baumgardner's daughter, who's now 16. The alleged abuse took place between 2007 and 2011and there's even allegations of the teen having sex with a man in exchange for drugs. Where was the rest of the girl's family? Was she not going to school? How did her mom get away with this?

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So many questions unanswered and in the middle of it all a teenager who's life has been ruined... probably forever. I know it sounds harsh, but some people should really not be allowed to have children.

Have you ever heard of a parent getting their child hooked on drugs? What do you think should be done to this mom? Give us your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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