Summer is here and it's the perfect season for taking that vacation you've been dreaming of all winter!  Why not make your trip extra special by traveling the eco-conscious way? There are plenty of easy ways to have both a fun and environmentally-conscious experience for the whole family.  Not sure where to start? Below are 5 easy rules to becoming an eco-tourist!


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  1. Consider your method of transportation. Airplanes are a big contributor to the release of carbon dioxide in the air. If you have to fly, use varied modes of transportation once you reach your destination. Rent a bicycle and walk whenever you can.  If you're going to drive, consider car like the new Chevy Malibu ECO with eAssist with an EPA estimated 37 MPG on the highway.  eAssist is a modern  and innovative technology that naturally makes it possible to conserve power when it's not needed.
  2. Choose your hotel carefully. Many companies are now adopting policies to make their accommodations more environmentally-conscious. Do some research to look for hotels that use wind or solar energy, have recycling facilities, use earth-friendly cleaners, etc.
  3. Sometimes "green" is in the destination. Spend time in nature, camping and leaving a light carbon footprint.  National parks are great for this!  
  4. Choose one destination to explore 100%.  Rather than making lots of stops, "go local" in one concentrated area.  Opt for the increasingly available bike rentals now offered in many major destinations.  You can plan a bike ride or a hike around local areas, go to organic farms or restaurants, go swimming or kayaking, etc. If you need help thinking of ideas, ask your hotel or even the locals for suggestions!
  5. Eat locally produced food.  One big thing that impacts the environment is the transportation of food.  Choose to eat locally grown and made when on vacation.  Restaurants are increasingly making that information available, so don't be afraid to ask.  Besides being better for the planet, local food is often fresher and tastier too!

Have you ever gone on an eco-friendly vacation? Tell us in the comments below!


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