Moms behaving badly at a preschool graduation should be ashamed! (VIDEO)

Hello grownups?!!!! These are the times when I want to pretend like I don't know you. The nasty brawl that broke out in an preschool graduation in California is just another one of those examples of how we inexplicably are capable of the most immature behavior.  

It is sad to see the YouTube video that is going viral, which captured what went down among a group of women during picture time at the end of their kids graduation ceremony at the Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School, in Los Angeles. Parents being assaulted? Shoving each other? Beating another? All in front of children! 

I sat there and prayed that these moms were not Latinas.  And I don't really know if any of them is or not, but please mamás latinas that are reading this, I beg of you to keep your composure always, especially in front of the kids.


It all erupted because all of the children were expected to share a single cap and gown for pictures (a result of budget cuts in the district), and a few moms were taking longer than most. Now, all budget issues aside, focus on 'SHARE' as key word here. What do we tell our kids constantly during those young years? That's right! Share, share, share, COM-PAR-TE. 

What kind of example are these moms setting for their children (who by the way you can hear screaming in the background as this incident goes on)?!!! I am sickened by this unfortunate spectacle and wonder what these kids future looks like if what they have as role models rather than individuals who will celebrate happily their accomplishments are people with these kinds of manners and disregard for others. 

What kind of shameful behavior have you seen a mom have in public to the point of making you feel sickened?

Image via YouTube

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