I did have every intention of getting my Father's Day shopping done early like I do every year, but this time around I'm gonna have to run. And since I am one of those who loves the challenge of finding the one cool gift that will bring the element of surprise and be the kind of thing the person receiving it wouldn't think of getting for himself, coming up with the idea requires some thinking. 

What are the things dad likes to do, and what gadget, product or "little toy" he does't already have? You won't find me in some men's clothing store looking for the typical tie, shirt or pair of socks. You'll find me on the internet, toystore, drugs store or liquor store instead. 


Let's see if these ideas will inspire you to buy and wrap a fun present for dad that he might not expect but will completely welcome happily.

What kinds of things will you give as presents to the father of your kids? 

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