Bicultural Baby Buys: Chicco Bilingual Talking Farm

Have you ever thought about taking your kids to visit a farm? Between making friends with farm animals and getting to spend some time in nature, a trip like that could make for a great childhood experience. Well now your children can get a peek at ranch life from the comfort of their homes. The Chicco Bilingual Talking Farm is an adorable toy that will keep your kids entertained for hours while still teaching them plenty of new things!


The colorful talking farm speaks over 250 words that help kids learn the names of various colors, animals and sounds. All of the phrases are spoken in both English and Spanish. There are four modes to the farms that include different types of learning games involving naming, matching, answering and sequencing.  Depending on your kid's age or level of vocabulary, you can switch between modes or stick to their favorite one!  

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 And if your children like music, you don't have to worry because there is an option for them too! The toy comes with 8 nursery songs that kids can learn and sing along to. When the tunes are played, the farm becomes illuminated with fun, electronic flashing lights.

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The toy is perfect if you are looking to teach your children basic words in either language while still engaging them in a fun and enjoyable way. Plus, the farm itself is so cutely constructed that it'll be hard to not sing and play along with your kids.

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