Latino military dad celebrates Flag Day by surprising son in classroom (VIDEO)

It's Flag Day and elementary schools around the nation are teaching their students the meaning behind the holiday.  But this year, one kindergartener at Live Oak Elementary School got more than just a history lesson!


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As the class was singing a patriotic song and waving American flags, a 5-year-old boy got the surprise of his life when in walked his military dad, Marine Staff Sgt. Juan Estrada, who had been on deployment in Afghanistan since before Thanksgiving.  When the young child spots his dad, he gets a shy, smiley look on his face that just melts your heart. Watching the two embrace, my eyes even started to water. I can't help it, I'm an easy crier and the video is so darn touching!

Seriously though, what a great way for the family to celebrate Estrada's return to the States! I bet his son won't be forgetting this holiday any time soon.  

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Image via YouTube

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