Man kills 4-year-old son because he thought he was gay (VIDEO)

Once again, religious fanaticism has caused a man to end the life of an innocent child in an unjust and inhumane way. Just looking at the adorable photo of 4-year-old Jadon Higganbothan will make you smile But it is proven that in this world there are human beings whom nothing or no one moves them, especially if he/she thinks the matter goes against their "ideological principles". I am referring to Peter Lucas Moses, the man who killed a child just because he believed the little one was gay.


According to this murderer's statements —who fortunately is already behind bars— he feared that Jadon was gay, because his biological father had abandoned his mother, Vanya Sisk, who was one of the subject's "wives". And that was because, allegedly, Lucas Moses was the leader of a radical religious sect composed by several women and children. At least 3 of them he called "wives" and 9 children who lived with him in a room at Durham, North Carolina, were his sons, except for little Jadon. The sect was called "The Black Hebrews" whose belief is that they were the descendants of Israel's ancient tribes and claim that they will dominate the world, as stated by a news report published by Huffington Post.

Plus, within this fanatical way of thinking, homosexuality it is not taken well. So when Lucas Moses "witnessed" –as he said during the trial– some actions that made him doubt of Jadon's sexual orientation (like one time he saw him hitting another child in the rear) then he simply decided to kill him with a shot in the head, then wrap him ruthlessly in plastic and bury him in a kind of tomb he had enabled at his mother's house, where, by the way, the authorities also found the body of another 28 years old woman.

After this cruel and irrational murder, the District Attorney's Office is looking to sentence this murderer with the death penalty, but honestly, I don't think would be the solution. This monster deserves to pay, every day, the death of this little one! And I am sure that in prison, the other prisoners will make him pay without mercy, what he did to this innocent creature.

 What do you think about this horrible case?

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Images via Durham County Sheriffs Office, Handout

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