Can you really trust someone else to take care of your kids?

A couple of days ago, I found out that my nanny's leaving us at the end of the month. Truth is that I'm still in shock because I wasn't expecting it and now I only have two weeks to figure out who'll take care of my kids when she's gone. It may be the reason why reading about the two little girls who drowned on Sunday while under the care of a nanny has affected me so much. Finding someone who you can trust with the life of your children is extremely difficult. 

According to Georgia police, the nanny--whose name has not been released--was supposed to be taking care of Sophia Juárez and Mia Penoyer, her grandaughter, but she apparently was on the phone for 45 minutes when they somehow ended up in the pool. Now Sophia's father is holding her responsible for both deaths.  


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Eduardo Juárez, who is from Uruguay, has said that the nanny is 100 percent to blame for the tragedy because she was left in charge of the girls while he and other family members went to the store. When they came back and didn't find the girls in the house, Juarez' 10-year-old son checked outside and found his sister, Sophia, and Mia at the bottom of the pool. 

What a tragedy! I can't even imagine what Juarez and the rest of his family are going through after something like this. I know that if it had been me, I'd be questioning my decision to leave my child under someone else's care. But the truth is that the Juarez family, as they've said it themselves, fully trusted their nanny and they never imagined this would happen. 

My husband and I still haven't figured out what we'll do now that our nanny is leaving, but I have to admit that news like these don't help because they remind me that nobody can take care of our children better than we can. 

Do you trust the people who take care of your kids? Leave us a comment with your opinion. 

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on Jun 13, 2012 at 1:18 PM

NO i don't, and that's why I am a stay at home mom at least until my baby can talk and let me know if anythings happens to her!! Other then her father the only 2 other people I can really trust is my mother and his. Its just that I couldn't live with my self know that if something happened to her just cause I thought I could trust anyone...

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on Jun 14, 2012 at 8:17 AM

No I caouldn't. I'm also a stay at home at home, and when I'm in college my MIL or husband will be taking care of my son. Trust me I've heard horrible babysitter/nanny stories. I agree with the above mom, I will take my son to playdates/daycare/preschool when he can talk, and I know he'll have the confidence to talk to me about anything and everything going on.

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