Baby has HILARIOUS reaction to tasting root beer for first time (VIDEO)

Want to see the happiest little boy in the world? Meet baby Noah, who is quite possibly the giggliest, cutest toddler in the world…at least when he's drinking root beer!

The video below captures little Noah trying root beer for the very first time. He takes small sips from a family member's drink and something about all of the drink's fizziness must make him very excited because after every taste, he starts laughing and wiggling like a (very adorable) maniac. It's like clockwork—Sip, giggle, gleeful squeal. Ah, so freaking cute!


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I know, I know, many moms are probably shaking their head over the fact that this parents are letting their young child have soda in the first place….but honestly, I don't think a couple of sips will really do any harm! I mean, root beer barely has any caffeine. Plus, the hilarity that ensues after he drinks it for the first time so funny that I can't blame his parents for giving it a shot!  

Watch Noah's hilarious reaction to root beer:

Image via YouTube

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