Watch the cutest game of hide-and-seek ever played! (VIDEO)

Ever wished you could see things through the eyes of a young child? By the time you're old enough to appreciate that unabashed innocence, it's almost impossible to remember what you were like when you were little or to think in the same way.  But with this super cute video, you can once again get a toddler's point of view!


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Filmmaker Daniel Brace put a helmet camera on his two-year-old daughter and ended up recording what is probably the cutest game of hide-and-seek ever, all from her viewpoint! The video follows her as she runs around, trying to find her dad and shouting "Dah-dee!" in her adorable little voice. The camera shakes and wobbles as she sprints but the dizziness you might getfrom watching is all worth it when she erupts into a fit of giggles every time she finds her dad. So. Freaking. Cute.

I think the best part though is around the middle when her dad hides himself in an especially tricky spot. In her harried attempt to find him, the toddler takes a little fall, but continues to look for him-- the only difference being that now she cries a less happy "Papa."  All is well, though, when she does find him and (again) begins to laugh hysterically.  Watching that, I swear my heart just melted into a thousand warm fuzzies.

At the end of the video, you even meet the little gal herself! She's so sweet!

Watch all of cuteness take place here and just try to contain your "awwws"--I dare ya!

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Image via YouTube

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