Eighth-grade boy risks life to save neighbors from fire (VIDEO)

An extremely brave Colorado eighth-grader saved the lives of several of his neighbors after a wildfire suddenly broke out in his neighborhood. J.D. Tennapel is now suffering from second-degree burns after he tried to warn neighbors of the disaster headed their way.


After Tennapel pointed out the smoke to his father, James, his dad told him to hop on his ATV and go alert the neighbors north of the fire. Tennepel courageously did as he was told, heading straight into the line of the flames to warn families in the surrounding homes.

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Then he did something even crazier—he drove back through the fire again, this time to return to his dad, suffering second-degree burns to his arms, legs and back through the process. "He just told me from the hospital, 'Dad, if I didn't come through the fire, I knew you were going to get in your truck and try to find me,' so he just floored it and came through," said James.

And Tennapel's heroic actions didn't stop there. After he didn't have time to reach an elderly neighbor in a narrow area down the road, he instead alerted rescuers of her whereabouts while in an ambulance. The woman's barn burned down, but she was saved thanks to Tennapel's description of her home.

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Although Tennapel was a huge assist to his neighbors, his dad says he feels a little "guilty" for asking his son to help. "I'm a little emotional of what could have been," he said.

Wow, what an amazing kid! I can understand why the dad might be shaken by the whole ordeal, but he should be proud that his young son was bold and daring enough to do what he did. He saved multiple people from potentially losing their lives and deserves to be treated like a hero!

Watch Tennapel's dad talk about the incident:

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