Did Pastor Creflo Dollar beat up his teenage daughter? (VIDEO)

Will Pastro Creflo Dollar ever stop creating controversy? After being arrested for reportedly punching and choking his teenage daughter this past weekend, the 50-year-old took took to the pulpit at his Georgia church on Sunday to deny the allegations against him and insist he never should have been arrested.

"All is well in the Dollar household," he told his congregation, earning applause and a standing ovation.



The pastor was arrested Saturday in Atlanta after his 15-year-old daughter called 911, telling authorities her dad choked and punched her after they got into a dispute over whether she could attend a party. However, in the police report, Dollar said he wrestled his daughter to the ground and spanked her after she hit him.

"The truth is, she was not choked, she was not punched," he insisted. Though the police found scratches on his daughter's neck, Dollar also denies that he caused them, stating the marks were a result of her prior skin condition, eczema.  

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Honestly, I don't even know what to make of the whole situation. Though I hope for his kid's sake that what Dollar is saying is true, there is something very fishy about his explanation. Why would Dollar's own daughter call the police on him for no reason, except that she wanted to go to a party? At 15, she's old enough to realize that pulling a stunt like that without cause is not funny and could get her dad in serious heat--I have a hard time thinking she'd take that lightly. Plus, her 19-year-old older sister confirmed the story in an interview with the police. Why would they both lie?

But perhaps the biggest question of the case is where the heck was their mom? Dollar's wife Taffi  has barely addressed the incident, except to tell officers that she didn't see the fight. Um, if your daughters were claiming they just got beat up by their father, wouldn't you be a little more…worried?  Pretty strange if you ask me!

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I disagree with Dollar in general and have always believed him to be a shady guy. The funding behind his lavish lifestyle has been questioned repeatedly yet he's never disclosed his salary and his super conservative stance on gay relationships is beyond disgusting and offensive. However, if he really beat on his daughters bad enough that she CALLED the POLICE, it takes things to a whole new level. I hope for the safety of his family that the police continue to investigate the incident and don't give him a free pass just because he's a semi-celebrity. If his daughter's reports are true, he needs to be held accountable and punished accordingly.

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Image via Fayette County Sheriffs Office

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