6-year-old Scotty writes ADORABLE complete story for Scholastic (VIDEO)

To prove that kids of all ages can express themselves through writing, Scholastic is holding a student writing contest and using one very cute example as inspiration to its participants. The company launched the competition with this video adaption of a "The Nit Qast,"--aka "The Knight's Quest"--a tale written by a compelling storyteller named Scotty, who just happens to be 6 years old.  Excuse me, 6 years and 3 months old. 


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Using the original pictures and lettering drawn and written by Scotty, the video animates his creative story--which is only made all the better (and more hilariously adorable) by his chicken-scratch handwriting and absolutely terrible, I mean, er, unique, spelling. "He set owt on his qast aumdele," he writes of his "nit." Real-life translation: "He set out on his quest immediately."

The entire adaptation is so cute and funny, you don't even really mind the errors as you watch Scotty's story come to life. And at least no one can say he doesn't have an active imagination (…although I do hope he learns the value of spell check as he gets older)!

Watch the video here:

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