Bicultural Baby Buys: Sing Along with Abuelito Pancho and Abuelita Rosa books

Does your child like music? If so, we have the perfect toy for them to try! In this week's Bicultural Baby Buy column, we're spotlighting the Sing Along series from Baby Abuelita productions.  Entitled Sing Along with Abuelito Pancho and Sing Along with Abuelita Rosa, these two books are perfect for teaching a toddler traditional Hispanic songs.


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Each book features 5 lullabies of Hispanic culture. The pages of the book contain the lyrics of each song in Spanish, as well as an English translation. To play the lullaby as you read or sing along with the lyrics, all you or your kid has to do is press the appropriate picture key, all of which are positioned on the side of either book. Reading them is a great opportunity for you to sit and enjoy the music with your children as they flip through each page and for them to engage in a part of their Latino heritage.

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Plus if your kids really love the Abuelito Pancho and Abuelita Rosa characters, you can buy them the two matching dolls later on, which also play Spanish songs.

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