Did a doll really swear at your kid?! (VIDEO)

How would you react if one of the dolls that your daughter had actually used the "B" word? And I don't mean "beautiful" here.

One mom in Rosenberg, Texas (near Houston) is absolutely outraged and demanding that the cursing dolls be removed from Toys R Us stores. Rose Pickens told the local news channel that she was shocked that her child's new toy, the You and Me Interactive Play & Giggle Triplet Dolls, actually said a word that sounded exactly like "THE B word, rhymes with witch."


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I actually find the situation a bit funny, to be honest. My parents never instilled a great fear of "bad words" in me, so we tend to curse a lot in my family. Maybe that's not really seen as a good thing by most other families, but it's just how I learned how to talk (both in English and Spanish) so the curse words never held so much shock for me.

That being said, though, I can understand a mom being angry about the supposedly cursing dolls still being sold. However, I do want to ask the mom why she's starting this huge battle against Toys R Us. In the end, shouldn't parents just be allowed to buy whatever they want? If this mom doesn't want her child to have that doll, she can throw it out. But what if I don't mind my kids having it? Who is she to tell me what I can and can't buy?

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Maybe it's because I'm a writer, but I choose my words very carefully. But because I love words and language, I also don't consider any particular word "bad" the way that Rose Pickler does when she says that her battle is about "the principle that we're teaching our kids bad language." To me, it's only bad language if we say it is. And, well, if I want to buy a doll that supposedly curses, then that's I think that's my business and nobody else's.

Do you think that Rose Pickler is right and these dolls should be removed from store shelves? How do you teach (or not teach) your kids "bad language"? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Toys R Us

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