Amazing dog saves life of abandoned newborn baby!

Superhero dogs only exist in movies…or so I thought until I heard about one amazingly loyal canine that saved an abandoned newborn baby!

A two-week-old child was put in imminent danger after he was reportedly discarded by his mother and left alone under a bridge in Ghana. Luckily, a devoted local farm dog was there to protect him. Officials found the pup cradling the baby that he had apparently spent the entire night guarding. Authorities say the unlikely—but incredibly fortunate!—duo were found hours after the dog originally went missing, suggesting that they had been on their own for an extensive period of time.


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A search party that had spent much of night in surrounding areas looking for the dog found him in the early morning, lying near a farm with the baby pressed against him. Thankfully, except for an infection in his umbilical cord which had remained uncut, the baby is safe. A local health director has taken custody of him until they find him a new, permanent home.   

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Is that amazing or what?!  Who knew a dog is capable of so much love and caring?  I mean, I am a big puppy lover and will force pictures of my own dogs on anyone who will see them but even I'm majorly impressed with this canine's nurturing abilities. Still, while the story is remarkable, it is also saddening to see that there are some cases when an animal can literally take better care of a child than his own parents.

I am just glad that both pooch and baby are safe and that now, the newborn is being looked after before being sent to a real, loving home.  

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Image via celesteh/flickr

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on Jun 8, 2012 at 3:13 AM

I absolututely LOVE dogs.  This story most definitely gives new meaning to the expression "man's best friend." I hope the baby ends up in a great home with a family that will never neglect him.  And to my beautiful most loving dog in the world Tiger - RIP I still miss you almost 30 years later.

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on Jun 11, 2012 at 10:54 PM

incredible, I can not believe that a dog has better feelings that human beings today with everything going on in the world, these stories are the ones you do not lose faith ...

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on Jun 13, 2012 at 1:18 PM
digno ejemplo de imitar, esto es una gran lección, si imitáramos esta hazaña no habría tanta violencia, desigualdad,cuando hacemos un verdadero cambio en nuestras vidas, los pequeños detalles, hacen que brillemos con luz propia porque son los que realmente valen la pena con amor. EVA...
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