Mom gets arrested for cheering during daughter's graduation. Really?! (VIDEO)

Lately, it seems like way too many moms are getting arrested for the craziest stuff that most people would agree doesn't necessarily warrant getting handcuffed. Yesterday I wrote about a mom who got arrested after she left her 13-year-old son babysitting his siblings. Today, I'm going to tell you about a mom who got arrested over the weekend for cheering a bit too loudly for her daughter during her graduation.

While I can totally understand how the parents of the children who came after her daughter would be upset because she stole their limelight, I don't think this mom's happiness warranted her getting arrested. 


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But that's exactly what happened to Shannon Cooper Saturday night during the South Florence High School graduation in South Carolina. Police handcuffed her, took her to the county's detention center and charged her with disorderly conduct for being happy and proud that her daughter was receiving her diploma! 

Now, if you've ever attended a high school or college graduation, you know the names of the graduates have to be read pretty fast or if not the ceremonies last much longer than they already do. The thing that was different at this graduation is that the graduates  actually agreed to ask their friends and family in attendance to please hold their cheers until after the ceremony so as to be considerate to all. The principal announced it at the beginning of the event and said those who were disruptive would be asked to leave. 

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So why was Cooper arrested when she could've just been told to leave the building? I know some other parents found her behavior rude, but I think it's totally ridiculous that parents are not allowed to show their pride in their children considering all the work it takes to make sure our children graduate and all the pressure we put on them to do good in school. Ridiculous!

Was it really necessary to ruin Cooper's daughter's graduation by arresting her mom? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment. 

Image via YouTube