Mark Consuelos' daughter goes CRAZY after he buys her a cell phone! (VIDEO)

These days, even kids still in elementary school are carrying cell phones--so those who actually are made to wait until they're a little older before receiving one often act as if it's a torturous punishment only carried out by evil parents.  That's why it was so hilarious seeing this video, in which Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelo's middle-school aged daughter absolutely FREAKS OUT when she gets her first cell phone.


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Apparently, Ripa thought Lola was too young for a cell phone and refused to buy her one, despite her daughter's begging. But her half-Mexican hubby, Consuelos, wasn't as tough. Like many Latino dads who come off strict but are really softies when it comes to their little girls, he ended up caving. And when Consuelos presented Lola with the gift she had been asking for, her joyous reaction was so dramatic that Ripa decided to share it on her talk show, Live with Kelly.

I'm so glad that she did because the video Ripa recorded is absolutely HILARIOUS, not to mention kind of adorable. I know that people have long since been debating what the appropriate age is for a child to have a cell phone but I actually think middle school is the perfect time. Kids are old enough then that they shouldn't have to rely on others for help if they need to communicate with their parents. And I think it's extremely important that they have an easy way to get in touch with relatives if they have to, especially these days when schools aren't as safe as you might think. 

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But I especially love this video because it's so refreshing to see celebrity parents actually put restrictions on their kids and not just hand them everything on a silver platter. Besides, even though Consuelos  ended up giving into his daughter's pleas, she's so genuinely happy (unlike some kids who would totally take it for granted!) that you can't help but smile at the whole thing.  What a good dad he is!

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